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Our goal at Pro Fit Therapy is to educate clients about health and wellness. Rather than simply providing symptom relief, we offer non-surgical and non-invasive therapeutic techniques to help the body heal itself. 

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My name is Trisha, I'm the manager at a Superfood Company Raw Revelation, I have gained a lot of knowledge how to repair our bodies with Superfoods. I did however come to an issue with my leg & knee. I had numbness on my right foot going up to my knew. I let it escalate and the pain went up to my right side. Dean at Pro-Fit has helped me familiarize why this was happening and how to help myself recover with using certain techniques I can do at home. He provided great knowledge of the active release therapy. I have a lot more feeling on my right side now, such a relief! Thank you Pro-Fit for getting my
body back to normal.

Trisha Denton - Raw Revelation

I had a great session with Dean for a foot problem. Dean took a video of my normal walking gait and explained how my problem was mainly caused by poor posture and my walking improperly. He gave me therapy and direction on how to correct this. I can already see a big difference.

Art Green - Facebook